Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather is a special, magical place–your dream come true! Our community is a gay and lesbian community like no other in the world located in the “Land of Enchantment”, sunny Northern New Mexico.

Our LGBT community began as a vision by its founder, Bonnie McGowan, to create a thoughtful community development as a haven for people of like minds. Our community is made up of people who care about environmentally responsible living; an active and healthy lifestyle; and forming strong social connections when we need them most–as we are aging.

302678 281157558573913 482954935 n Most of our current community residents and lot owners (ages 45 & up) are planning on "aging in place", ie: staying in their homes as they age. Our homes are designed with aging in mind and our community supports staying physically fit and active. We may also rely on the help of friends, neighbors, partners/spouses and/or in-home health care to allow us to stay in our homes as long as possible.

"Good to be Green!" Our aging populations and the "green movement" are two mega-trends for the 21st century, driving demand for aging in place and green home design. Combining these approaches makes good sense for a home that is easy to live in, healthy for the occupants, and supports the environment by conserving resources.

Buying your home in our community includes fabulous neighbors, access to acres of adjoining private property conserved as green space for walking/hiking, as well as a community center proposed for the future.

You also have the option if you prefer, to design a custom designed home or EcoNest. We have a few magnificent one and two-acre lots available in phase II, as well as some fabulous re-sale lots in phase I ranging in size from 1/4 acre to 2 acres. Our architect designed southwestern style "casita" floor plans are available for a few of the smaller re-sale lots.

Birds of a Feather Resort Community
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Birds Of A Feather Resort Community