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From Indian Pueblos to Civil War Battles: What to See in the Pecos National Historical Park

It’s no secret that the state of New Mexico is brimming with rich history and cultural attractions, and the Pecos Valley is no exception—especially when it comes to the Pecos National Historical Park. The site commemorates centuries of human traditions and travel, including the original path of Route 66 and the Santa Fe Trail.

Here, you’ll find ruins from ancient Native American Pueblos, the site of the Civil War’s Battle of Glorieta Pass, and a dude ranch that has been visited by many celebrities. In 2018, Pecos National Historical Park was designated as one of the top 17 places to visit in the United States by

It would be nearly impossible to take in everything the park has to offer in just a day (or two!), so we put together this list of must-see attractions within the park to get you started.