Attractions In And Around Pecos
As Pecos was the Gateway to the West and is an ancient village, there are many amazing attractions to explore!

Mission Church by Eric Valencia

Gateway to the Plains
Spanish Mission Ruins and Native American Pueblo Ruins. It was one of the most significant Pueblos of the South West as it was a major trading hub for the Plains peoples and the Rio Grande peoples!

In the midst of piñon, juniper, and ponderosa pine woodlands in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains not far from Santa Fe, the remains of a Spanish Mission and an Indian pueblo stand as a meaningful reminder of a people who once prevailed here. Now a national historical park demonstrates to modern visitors the cultural exchange and geographic facets central to the rich history of the Pecos Valley.

Between the Sangre de Cristo mountains and the Glorieta mesa lies the Glorieta Pass, through which a continuously unfolding story of human culture has travelled to and from the Pecos Valley for thousands of years.

Pueblo and Plains Indians, Spanish conquerors and missionaries, Mexican and Anglo armies, Santa Fe Trail settlers and adventurers, tourists on the railroad, Route 66 and Interstate 25...the Pecos Valley has long been a backdrop that invites contemplation about where our civilization comes from and where it is going.

More than 10,000 years of this rich history is preserved for visitors to Pecos National Historical Park.

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Pecos National Historical Park

P. O. Box 418
Pecos, NM 87552-0418
Phone: 505-757-7200

Pecos National Historical Park