Pecos Benedictine Monastary and Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey


1,000 acres of tranquility. Available for group and personal retreats.


A place of healing and renewal.
Come experience Benedictine hospitality.

Pecos Benedictine Monastery is a monastery with retreat facilities and hermitages. Our emphasis is on sharing our monastic life of Benedictine PEACE and PRAYER with all who come. Our retreat facilities include:

  • comfortable rooms, each with its own bathroom;
  • our monastic chapel, always open to retreatants;
  • 1000 acres of mountain property with lawns, pasture land, a pond, hiking trails and, of course, the Pecos River running through it;
  • a well-stocked library with a conference room;

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Pecos Benedictine Monastery
P.O. Box 1080
Pecos New Mexico 87552-1080
Phone: (505) 757-6415
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Pecos National Historical Park

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Wow, the website looks great! Just looking at the pix made me all teary-eyed and homesick for Pecos. When we lived there in the nineties, the people were so kind to us, and really made us feel at home. I'm thrilled to see Casa de Herrera's still in business, because that's where we had our wedding reception! Note to self: find a way to get back to Pecos soon! Love to all you Pecosanos! D.S.

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