Pecos Benedictine Monastary and Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey


1,000 acres of tranquility. Available for group and personal retreats.


A place of healing and renewal.
Come experience Benedictine hospitality.

Pecos Benedictine Monastery is a monastery with retreat facilities and hermitages. Our emphasis is on sharing our monastic life of Benedictine PEACE and PRAYER with all who come. Our retreat facilities include:

  • comfortable rooms, each with its own bathroom;
  • our monastic chapel, always open to retreatants;
  • 1000 acres of mountain property with lawns, pasture land, a pond, hiking trails and, of course, the Pecos River running through it;
  • a well-stocked library with a conference room;

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Pecos Benedictine Monastery
P.O. Box 1080
Pecos New Mexico 87552-1080
Phone: (505) 757-6415
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Pecos National Historical Park

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I grew up near Pecos, NM and attended school in Pecos. I now live in Alaska and find myself thinking back on the simpler days in Pecos, my friends, and my family. Pecos is a beautiful area. I have travelled a great deal and have lived all over the United States and I can still remember the sunsets and sunrises in New Mexico, they are like no where else on Earth. Someday I will return for a visit but until then I would highly recommend Pecos, NM. AB.L.

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